First United Baptist Church Ministries


Deacon Ministry
Mission – To assist the Pastor and to partner with the Deaconess Ministry in edifying the body of Christ.

Deaconess Ministry
Mission – To support the work of the Deacons and assist the Pastor in caring for the members of the church and community.

Hospitality Ministry
Mission – To greet each guest with a loving welcome and to help create a positive worship experience for all.

Missionaries Ministry
Mission- To serve others by assisting in providing the needs of the sick, homebound, or anyone that is in distress with hands to work and warm hearts to serve.

Music Ministry
Mission - To enhance the true worship experience through song, using vocal and/or instrumental talent.



Praise Dance Ministry
Mission – To praise, worship and honor our Lord Jesus Christ by being His vessel to communicate his word through dance and movement.

Sunday School Ministry
Mission - To teach the Word of God, preparing and training Christians in their growth to understand their faith in the Almighty God.

Trustee Ministry
Mission – To oversee the financial resources, manage the physical property, and provide direction and leadership.

Usher Ministry
Mission – To be doorkeepers of the House of the Lord by greeting members and guest with a sincere smile and loving heart; to witness, if not by word of mouth, by but actions and demonstrating our Love of Jesus Christ.

Women Ministry
Mission – To encourage, empower and strengthen women in gaining knowledge and understanding of the Almighty God by teaching and helping women to maintain an effective prayer life; help women to identify and use God’s given gifts to assist in Kingdom building.

Youth Ministry
Mission – To inspire youth to become more effective in their walk with Christ; to encouraging the youth to live a life of faith in Christ that will have influence on their morals, values and decisions in their future.